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Refreshing Spring Weddings

Thinking of a Spring Wedding for 2014? The spring season is a popular choice when it comes to wedding dates. The perfect weather and flowers blooming is a good setup to this romantic event. Here are tips for having a spring wedding in 2014

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

Blooming flowers and perfect weather can make for an ideal outdoor set-up. Take advantage of this and have your wedding with that beautiful natural backdrop. Of course it’s always best to still be prepared for rain but if an outdoor setup is available take advantage of it.

Flowers and Produce in Season are Best Used during Spring Weddings

Flowers in bloom, Fruits in season and spring herbs can be used to decorate your wedding. Maximize these produce and complete that feeling of spring.


Play with Colors

Spring is the t...

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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Aqua

Being around water usually have that calming and relaxing feel. Having a water color on your wedding may  give you the same effect. Aqua is a good color option to have for your wedding. It goes well with any kind of wedding but is best used in beach or summer wedding. The vibrancy of the color makes one feel alive and automatically gives life to an event.

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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Purple or Violet

Purple or Violet are both good options, these colors are very popularly used in weddings. It is a very regal color yet it can be used in simple weddings as well. This year’s trend features two shades of these colors, Radiant Orchid and Violet Tulip. Radiant Orchid being the more eye-catching and Violet Tulip being the more subtler one. Both are good options for your special event and can definitely light up your wedding. It also helps that you have a lot of options for amazing looking flowers if you choose one of these colors.

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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Sand or Neutral

If you like earth tones and you are also looking for a trendy color for your wedding then Neutral or Sand is the shade that you need to seriously consider for you special day. It has a simple yet sophisticated look and would go along with most colors that you might be thinking of mixing it with in terms of flowers, accents and other decor. It can work well with a chill beach wedding on a summer day or an elegant indoor winter wedding. It can be used any season and in any kind of wedding. This year’s Neutral shade is Sand, a more subtle shade than it’s other counterparts. Surely, you, your fiance and your wedding entourage will look great wearing this color.


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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Paloma Gray

2014 gives way to Gray as one of the color trends. In the recent years we have seen men wearing this color instead of the usual Black suit. The soft color of Gray gives a more comfortable yet elegant look than their formal black counterpart. Nowadays Gray is also one of the colors that women choose for their color motif. This year highlights Paloma Gray as the shade of Gray that is in trend.

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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Cayenne Pink

It is very common for girls to like Pink as they grow up, some outgrow it but most of the time the color grows with them. No wonder Pink is very popular during weddings, it helps that it is very pleasing to the eyes and very feminine. Good thing Pink has so many different shades to choose from. This year’s trend is Cayenne Pink, this pink shade has a very strong mix of orange in it making it extra vibrant. If you are looking for bold yet feminine color then this shade is for you.

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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Orange

Orange is another color that you should check out if you are getting married in 2014. It can add the vibrancy you need to make your wedding look alive. Subtler than red yet feistier than yellow, orange complements sunny days and is perfect for autumn and outdoor weddings. Orange also complements a natural setting and looks beautiful when accented with rustic and fresh surroundings. Flowers of this color are usually available year-round so having this color as your motif is a good option. This year’s Celosia shade of orange is very easy to adapt to and match with other neutral colors.

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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Blue

Blue is the color of the year and choosing this color of royalty maybe a good decision for you. Blue is the favorite color for next year for a reason. The fashion industry is buzzing with this color and you might want to take that into consideration when finalizing wedding colors. Having Blue as your color motif will also save you from thinking about what you will get for the traditional “Something Blue”. Check out one of our entries last month as we featured the tradition Something Blue here.

We have two shades of blue that is the trend for next year, Dazzling Blue and Placid Blue. If you want a more bold attention grabbing shade of blue then Dazzling Blue is for you. On the other hand, if you want a more subtle shade of this royal color then Placid Blue may be the better option.

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2014 Trend: Wedding Colors

If you are having your wedding next year, one thing that might be helpful to know is the Color trends for 2014. Color affects everything in a wedding. Colors are a big factor on how your wedding will look like, from your attire to the venue and to the littlest details. Before you even start anything, themes and colors are usually the first you decide on. In this respect we’d like to help you choose a color based on the trend for 2014

1. Blue

Color of 2014 is Blue and we’ve got 2 shades of blue that you can choose from. Dazzling Blue is the most popular trend for next year but if you want a more subtle shade of blue you can also opt for Placid Blue. Come to think of it, having Blue as your color motif for your wedding will automatically help you fulfill the Something Blue tradition.


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“Fresh and Alive” with Coral: Wedding Inspiration Board

Hello Readers!

With the beauty of summer right around the corner, weddings are in full bloom! Many summer weddings that I have attended are rich with vibrant shades of color, so the summer of 2010 will probably follow through on this trend. A color that always comes to mind during the summer is that of coral–abundant with bright happiness in varying shades of orange. This amazing color blends well with many summer themes, especially for a wedding down by the ocean, lake or pond! Additionally, what is truly unique about this color is its versatility to not only warm and spice up a wedding’s color palette, but it can also be utilized to highlight a more natural and soft wedding theme. Below are some examples of the color coral taking center stage:

We love what Trendsetting Wedding did with ...

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