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Wedding Reception Tips

The Wedding Reception is the hardest to prepare for and most expensive part of your special day. Nonetheless this is where you get to interact best with your wedding guests and surely one part of your wedding that you want to be prepared for well. Here are tips that we have for your reception.


1. Be flexible on wedding dates to accomodate wedding venues

Have at least 3 options for wedding dates to be able to accomodate wedding venues. Sometimes venues that you want are not available on the date you have finalized and this might make you settle for a venue that you don’t like.

“Save the date” Magnet Kit

2. Guest Count

After finalizing the wedding date and venue, you have to then finalize the guest count. Having a close to accurate guest count is very critical to a wedding...

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New Unique Products from With This Favor

Want your wedding to have something unique? We have added new unique favors on our product line-up that you might be interested in. Here are top 10 unique and stylish new products that we have added which might be perfect for your wedding.

1. Silver Plated Diamond Napkin Holders

These silver plated decor will give your table settings an elegant touch and this decor certainly fits your special event. Make your table arrangement stand out with these Diamond Napkin Holders.

2. Miniature Vintage Inspired Mail Box Tin

Leave a short message inside as well as small favors to remember your special day by this tin can also be used as a place card holder. Get this unique gift to give your guests, and allow yourself to think of different ways to incorporate it on your wedding day.

3. “Our C...

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Featured Product: Couple Figurines

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we have added a lot of new products on our With This Favor site. You can check out these products on our New Products page. A few things that we added on our product line are Couple Figurines. These are commonly used as Cake Toppers but can also be used in other ways such as table decors, memorabilias and such. Gone were the days where all figurines look alike, a man with a suit, a woman in a white dress holding hands or kissing. With our new product line you can choose from a wide range of handmade porcelain figurines that can match closest to your personality. You can even personalize these figurines to your liking.

Here’s the complete lineup of our new Couple Figurine Design

1. Swept Up in His Arms Figurine

2. “Row Away” Wedding Couple in Rowboat


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How to Organize a Wedding Reception

You are probably getting ready to go out to a 4th of July party already. While planning a 4th of July party can be a lot of work, a wedding reception can certainly be a little more complicated. To help you out in that area, we have made a list of things to take note of when planning your wedding reception.

1. Think of a theme

A theme helps your wedding get organized. As soon as you settle for one you can just concentrate on the key element to pull off that theme and avoid getting sidetracked by other things unrelated to the theme. You can go on making important decisions such as venue to go with the theme, music, color motif, entertainment and so much more...

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Personalized Playing Cards As Wedding Favors

Themes are arguably indispensable in weddings nowadays. Themes give a memorable factor to every wedding and with the right one, a wedding can be buzz worthy even weeks afterward.

A casino themed wedding is a fun, refreshing take on matrimony’s and one which suits upbeat or offbeat couples. A casino theme may signify leaving a bachelor or bachelorette’s life for both members of the couple; the last hurray to singleness for the bride and groom to celebrate with their friends and loved ones. For those who dare indulge in casino themed weddings, here a few celebratory decorating ideas to dazzle guests with.

A casino theme ought to reflect money, a touch of elegance even and more than a hint or two on gambling...

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Choosing Personalized Favors For Your Wedding

You’ve got your plans laid out. You’ve chosen the dress, the flowers, the photographer. There’s just one tiny detail to take care of.. wedding favors.

Wedding favors are somewhat of an afterthought. The decision that you can relax a bit over, following all the stressing over the big decisions. After all, the sole intention of favors is fun and an unexpected pop of a surprise gift, right?

Favors are a way to show gratitude to your guests for joining you, a token of appreciation, if you will. There are so many choices, but you want yours to be special, right?

Why not consider personalized wedding favors? Instead of just trinkets that will soon be thrown aside, personalized wedding favors tend to hold their value and importance. Each time your guests look at it, they will remember you.

There ...

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Videography: The Vintage Edge of Super 8mm Film

8mm Wedding Still Shot

While there are mass amounts of decisions to make before wedding day, an important decision for some is to have a way to reminisce their wedding day and its special nuances.  Thus, many brides and grooms choose to have a videographer(s) to capture the wedding ceremony and reception–even interviews from the bride, groom, family and friends before the big day.

An emerging creative technique in some engagement videos and wedding day videos has been the use of Super 8mm film.  My first thought when I think of this type of film is the old home movies that were made and played on a projector.  The videos I see now with Super 8mm film are beautifully crafted, incorporating the nostalgic feel of the mid -1900′s, with a modern edge of vintage glam...

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A List Of Important Accessories For The Bride

bridal-accessoriesAlthough a bride’s wedding dress (or dresses, for some) usually takes center stage as an important decision, the accessories a bride chooses is also a critical decision. The bridal accessories can really accentuate or overwhelm a wedding dress, so it is essential for some brides to carefully choose what compliments her dress.

Thus, it is important a bride define her own personal style, as she may want more dazzling “bling” to add to her dress, but must realize she will hear more “ka-ching!”Alternatively, a bride may gravitate toward simplicity and forego most accessories, which can also add to a breeze of elegance and timeless sophistication.

Below is a list of accessories for the bride to think about for wedding day, but is not all-inclusive:

  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Wedding...
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Wonderful Winter Wedding Favors

Dear Readers,

With winter weather quickly approaching, so is “Wonderful Winter Weddings”!  For the bride and groom that choose a winter wedding theme, With This Favor has chosen the premiere winter wedding favors for you!

From a wintery white snowfall that is perfect for building a snowperson, to making angels in the snow with family and friends, the winter months exude comfort, love, and togetherness.

Below are several winter-themed favors that are a delightful addition to your wedding!

snow holder

Beautiful Snowflake Placecard Holder

Holiday Candles Holiday Candle Favor

Gel Candle Winter

Snowflake Candle Favor

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Eco-Friendly Weddings

Hello All!

One of the hottest movements in weddings this year has been an increase in environmentally friendly weddings. This is one wedding trend that we’re sure is here to stay! From locally-produced menus, to hemp wedding dresses, pretty much every aspect of your wedding can become eco-friendly! It’s often cost effective, can be insanely chic, and is always great for the environment!

Sustainable & Stylish

It used to be that you had to be one type of bride or another: chic, or environmentally aware. The times have changed though, and now you can have the best of both worlds! You don’t need to give up your every-day values while planning your wedding – you can still host a sophisticated event while making smart choices...

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