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2014 Trend: Wedding Colors

If you are having your wedding next year, one thing that might be helpful to know is the Color trends for 2014. Color affects everything in a wedding. Colors are a big factor on how your wedding will look like, from your attire to the venue and to the littlest details. Before you even start anything, themes and colors are usually the first you decide on. In this respect we’d like to help you choose a color based on the trend for 2014

1. Blue

Color of 2014 is Blue and we’ve got 2 shades of blue that you can choose from. Dazzling Blue is the most popular trend for next year but if you want a more subtle shade of blue you can also opt for Placid Blue. Come to think of it, having Blue as your color motif for your wedding will automatically help you fulfill the Something Blue tradition.


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Picking Out Favors For Your Bridal Shower

Of all the components of getting married, the wedding shower has got to be the most fun. Wedding showers, also known as bridal showers, are expressly for the bride to be. Wedding showers are generally a girls only event, and lots of laughter and excitement are of no shortage. Close family and girlfriends usually make up the attendance, those closest to the bride.

Usually, wedding shower favors are available for the guests to take home with them as a small way of saying thank you for their gift and the time they took to come and be with you.

So what does one give as a wedding shower favor?

There are so many options! Whereas a wedding will need specifically themed favors, such as those with the wedding date and couples names on them, a wedding shower does not.

Your choices in favors all depe...

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The “New Darling” of Weddings and Events: CUPCAKES!

Hello Readers,

Listening on the radio this morning, I heard that Carrie Underwood’s wedding is well underway and is shaping up to be a grand affair!  However, what really sparked my interest was her decision to forego the traditional wedding cake for the “new darling” of weddings: the cupcake.

The cupcake has grown in popularity over the past few years, as its cute and trendy appeal, along with the individualized portions of sweet happiness truly provide guests a unique alternative.

A search for “cupcake” on states that the origination of the cupcake began in the “early 19th century” with the first reference of a cupcake “in Eliza Leslie’s Receipts cookbook from 1828...

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Pearls Are the New “Girl’s Best Friend”

Dear Readers,

An unknown author once said, “The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.”   Thus,whether it is continuing the legacy of the refined elegance illustrated by Jackie Onassis, to Michelle Obama’s modern style, these ladies have both donned a timeless treasure—the pearl.

Pearls have been a mainstay for decades now, but their origins date back to almost 206 B.C. per Wikiepedia.  There are two formations of pearls, with the cultured pearl cultivated from human aid, and the natural pearl created (as you would expect) in nature, with no human aid.   Therefore, natural pearls are much higher in cost due to their scarcity...

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How To Choose Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Flower GirlA wedding party consists usually of the bride and groom, their parents, groomsmen, bridesmaids, attendants and sometimes flower girls and ring bearers. When making the decision on having flower girls and ring bearers in your wedding, there are several factors to consider.

The first factor involves actually having a family member or friend that has children.  If you don’t know of anyone with children, then the decision about having children in the wedding has already been made. Please note:  just because you may not have family or friends with children early in your engagement, this may change over the course of your engagement.  So, if your heart is set on flower girls and ring bearers keep the option open...

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With This Favor’s Favor of the Week: Personalized Flip Flops

Hello Readers!

If you are a bride trying to figure out what to get your bridesmaids as a gift, or want something special to treat yourself, check out our personalized flip-flops!

Perfect for the bride and bridesmaid that doesn’t want to wear high-heels all night, these flip-flops are a great alternative to heels, especially as the celebration gets moving on the reception dance floor!

Additionally, these stylish flip-flops are adorned with a dazzling rhinestone, and the opportunity for the bride and each bridesmaid to have their name embroidered onto the foot strap! Therefore, a bride and her bridesmaids can enjoy their flip-flops at the wedding and beyond–perhaps even at the beach!

Click Here to Pamper the Bride and Bridesmaids with Personalized Flip-Flops

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Thanking the Ladies: Perfect Gifts for Bridesmaids

Hello All!

thank youPlanning a wedding would be so difficult without the help of the lovely ladies in your life! They’ve been your shoulder to cry on, they’ve offered advice, and they’ve been there for you every step of the way as you planned one of the biggest events of your life. What will you give them as a token of your appreciation?

A Gift to Start
If you’re just starting the wedding planning process, and haven’t chosen your bridesmaids yet, consider starting off by offering them a small token of your appreciation! Send them flowers, with a sweet note asking them to be your bridesmaid. Or, give them a little card expressing how important their friendship is to you. offers a sweet selection of cards, like the card to the right, which could be perfect for you...

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Wedding Newsletters for Bridesmaids

Hello Readers!

To keep my matron of honor, maid of honor and bridesmaids aware of upcoming wedding-related dates, I would email or snail mail newsletters.  I wanted to make sure they felt like they were a part of the wedding planning process, as well as let them know how special they are to me, while still encouraging them to keep track of all the wedding events.  Truth be told, it helped me stay on track as well:)

My Beautiful Bridesmaids 1

My Beautiful Bridesmaids 2

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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Hello Brides and Grooms!

At the ninth month of our one year engagement, I spent a lot of time focusing on my matron of honor, maid of honor and bridesmaids.  Along the course of my engagement, I wanted my bridesmaids to feel special and truly bring them into the whole wedding planning experience.

When I asked my very special ladies to be a part of our wedding, I went out to Target, bought black short-sleeve shirts in each gal’s respective size, and bought Swarovski crystal iron-ons signifying “maid of honor” or “bridesmaid.”  This DIY (Do It Yourself) project was fun and creative for me, and I enjoyed watching each girl as they received their shirt and card asking them to be a part of our wedding.

After about four months of the engagement, I decided on Alfred Angelo as the desi...

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Wedding Party Roles And Reponsibilities

Hello Brides and Grooms!

Theoretically, we are about at the 8-month mark in our 12-month Wedding Timeline!  Therefore, this post will reflect upon the support from family members and friends that can be useful (if not needed) for wedding day.

It can be very effective for some brides and grooms to create roles and responsibilities for their wedding party.   Not only does it take the bride and groom, their respective families, as well as wedding vendors to successfully pull together a wedding, but the wedding party is also an integral part of a wedding.

In my own experience, it was important to define roles and responsibilities as an outlet for me to de-stress and to take some of the wedding planning off my “to-do” list and delegate to others.

Thus, I have identified two options to e...

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