Keeping Cool When Weddings Get Hot: Tips for Warm Weather Brides

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When the temperature starts to rise, warm weather brides might find themselves getting a little too hot for comfort. SunshinePlanning a wedding that will take place in a warm climate calls for two things: anticipation and preparation! You don’t want to be caught off guard when the sunshine and humidity start to make you perspire.

There’s so many perks to getting married in beautiful weather that many brides overlook the fact that sometimes hot can equal uncomfortable.  The flowers are blooming, the sky is blue, and you’re – perspiring?

Stay cool on your wedding day by thinking about the climate as you plan your big day! It starts with the wedding gown. While you want a dress that reflects your own personal style and the overall feel of the event, it’s also important to think about comfort. Look for a gown in a light, flowing material such as charmeuse, chiffon, or organza.  Georgette, lace, tulle, and crepe are also lightweight fabrics that are perfect for summer weddings. Linen and cotton are also wonderful choices for casual, elegant summer weddings – and they work well for the groom’s attire, as well.

Don’t forget about your guests – if you plan to say “I do” outdoors, make sure that you provide some reprieve from the sunny weather. Consider having a few “shade stations” set up so guests who are sensitive to the sun have a cool place to relax. A shaded table with a pitcher of water and lots of glasses can do wonders to keep things cool – keep it fresh and delicious by adding slices of cucumber, lemon, or lime. If you foresee major humidity, you might consider providing some gorgeous fans that match your wedding colors to your guests – set one on each chair along with the program.

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For the bridal party, provide beautiful parasols that match your wedding colors! This will give the girls shade and will look positively glamorous in your photos. Decorative fans are also a lovely way to keep cool.

The time of day you choose to say “I do” can affect the temperature as well – later afternoon or morning weddings are usually a little cooler. Don’t forget the SPF! The last reminder you want of your wedding day is a sunburn!

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