Honeymoon in Disney World

Hello Brides and Grooms!

What a wonderful feeling it is waking up the next morning after your wedding!  Yes, it may mean you are a bit exhausted, but for me, there was such an immense excitement as me and my husband’s honeymoon was about to begin!

And where else would we go but…

Disney World!

Magic Kingdom Castle

When we first started planning our honeymoon, we tossed around many different locations ranging from Paris, to Jamaica, to St. Lucia and even Greece. After a lot of thought, we reflected on what we wanted for our honeymoon and came to a shared belief. This shared belief incorporated fun, adventure, romance, and thrills. Disney World was also the location where we were engaged.

Engagement in Disneyworld
Our Engagement in Disney World

Children at heart, we truly missed being there and the excitement slowly built as our honeymoon week approached. We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, which incorporates a great rustic ambiance–especially at night, with illuminated lanterns.  As we arrived that first night, the lodge was beautiful and romantic, nestled right on the lake which hosts an Electrical Water Pageant almost every night.

What worked well for me and my husband was the ability to save on about half of the costs that we would have inherited from a trip outside of the United States.  With the downturn in the economy, and because we just bought a house, Disney World was the  perfect choice for us.

The vision of a honeymoon for each newlywed may be different, but in the end, it is important to do what will be best and enjoyable for you and your spouse.  Most of all, wherever you may venture to, treat and pamper yourself.

Here’s to a fabulous honeymoon and lasting memories!

Kara at Disney WorldCastle at Magic Kingdom

Brian & Kara off to Disney World
Brian & Kara off to Disney World

2 comments to Honeymoon in Disney World

  • Danielle  says:

    Hi my family & I are planning a trip to Disney this Christmas & we want to have an intimate wedding ceremony with just the kids and grandparents. Any ideas?

  • Weston Neuschafer  says:

    So cool. My wife and I visited Disney World last year for our honeymoon. We had such a great time. But, the weather was crazy in September.

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