2014 Trend: Wedding Colors

If you are having your wedding next year, one thing that might be helpful to know is the Color trends for 2014. Color affects everything in a wedding. Colors are a big factor on how your wedding will look like, from your attire to the venue and to the littlest details. Before you even start anything, themes and colors are usually the first you decide on. In this respect we’d like to help you choose a color based on the trend for 2014

1. Blue

Color of 2014 is Blue and we’ve got 2 shades of blue that you can choose from. Dazzling Blue is the most popular trend for next year but if you want a more subtle shade of blue you can also opt for Placid Blue. Come to think of it, having Blue as your color motif for your wedding will automatically help you fulfill the Something Blue tradition.


2. Orange

If you love bold colors that reminds you of Autumn then Orange is a solid choice for wedding colors. This year’s Orange however is more on the reddish shade. So if you are thinking of having red as your color then you can still follow the trend and have a Red/Orange theme.


3. Pink

Pink is a common color for weddings but this year’s shade is a bit different from the normal fuchsia or baby pink that we are used to seeing. Cayenne is a shade of pink that has a little bit of peach. If you are into a very feminine color then this shade of pink will suit you best.


4. Gray

A surprising color that is popular for weddings nowadays is Gray. We see this color often worn by the men in our bridal party but lately it has been donned by the ladies as well. Gray is also easy to combine with other colors so having it as your motif may be a good idea.



5. Neutral/Sand

Light Brown or Neutral is not a color we often see chosen in weddings but as we become more experimental in fashion we see the appeal that this color brings to the affair. Having earth tones is definitely a trend for 2014.


6. Purple

Radiant Orchid and Violet Tulip are colors that are trending for 2014. A very feminine color, these shades or Purple is another popular choice in weddings.


7. Aqua

A water color like Aqua is another good choice for a wedding color motif. This bright color will automatically give life to your wedding. A popular color when having a summer wedding or a beach wedding, this color looks good with indoors and outdoor weddings as well. If you want a subtler version of Aqua, Hemlock is another good option.

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