Picking Out Favors For Your Bridal Shower

Of all the components of getting married, the wedding shower has got to be the most fun. Wedding showers, also known as bridal showers, are expressly for the bride to be. Wedding showers are generally a girls only event, and lots of laughter and excitement are of no shortage. Close family and girlfriends usually make up the attendance, those closest to the bride.

Usually, wedding shower favors are available for the guests to take home with them as a small way of saying thank you for their gift and the time they took to come and be with you.

So what does one give as a wedding shower favor?

There are so many options! Whereas a wedding will need specifically themed favors, such as those with the wedding date and couples names on them, a wedding shower does not.

Your choices in favors all depend on the sort of wedding shower you are having. If it is a classier event, keeping more in tune with the wedding colors and theme, you may want to go with more traditional favors. Elegantly wrapped treats, glass picture frames, and candles are a few examples.

But if it is a more casual, relaxed affair, why not let the favors reflect that? Your creativity can be put to work here. There is really no right or wrong way to do wedding shower favors. Go with what you think is best.

Perhaps you are having a wedding shower in warm weather or out by the pool. Why not do beach themed favors? Serve drinks in colorful patio glassware and send the glasses home with them. Give out leis, hair flowers or sunglasses. Beach towels would also be nice, and are easy to catch on sale in the summer.

Maybe you want to use an ‘in love’ theme. Stock up on favors that are Valentines Day related. Many stores sell these favors year round. You could choose heart shaped goody bags, heart shaped vases, heart shaped mirrored compacts. If it is heart shaped, it would be a perfect fit.

One way you cannot go wrong is by picking out favors with the ladies in mind. After all, they are the ones present at these events. You could give out nail polishes that mirror the colors chosen for the shower or wedding. If your wedding colors are tangerine and purple, why not give out a bottle of each shade of polish? Bold is in! Bangle bracelets, bath and body products or even lip balms would also be appropriate.

And while you are at it, why don’t you pick up a few nicer favors to have for the winners of the games? A photo album or some pretty costume jewelry are sure to be hits.

One thing is certain. The wedding shower is fun for one and all, that is the purpose. It’s meant to be lighthearted and relaxed. Don’t lose sleep stressing over wedding shower favors. Think about what you would like to recieve as a favor. If you would like it, chances are your guests will too.

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  • Spencer  says:

    We are seeing a huge rise in the number of brides and grooms that use confectionery for their wedding favours.

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