Choosing Personalized Favors For Your Wedding

You’ve got your plans laid out. You’ve chosen the dress, the flowers, the photographer. There’s just one tiny detail to take care of.. wedding favors.

Wedding favors are somewhat of an afterthought. The decision that you can relax a bit over, following all the stressing over the big decisions. After all, the sole intention of favors is fun and an unexpected pop of a surprise gift, right?

Favors are a way to show gratitude to your guests for joining you, a token of appreciation, if you will. There are so many choices, but you want yours to be special, right?

Why not consider personalized wedding favors? Instead of just trinkets that will soon be thrown aside, personalized wedding favors tend to hold their value and importance. Each time your guests look at it, they will remember you.

There are so many different directions you can go when you choose personalized wedding favors. Let’s start with place cards. The purpose of place cards is to direct your guests where their seating arrangements are, but you can also have your names and wedding date added to them. Many people like items like this to stash with their wedding photos of the two of you. There are place card holders that can be a personalized favor themselves, complete with a space for engraving your wedding date details.

Is there a wedding that lets you walk away without some edible treat? That’s one of the sweetest parts of the reception, right? We all love them. Why not personalize the packaging for one of the treats you choose? There are tins for mints, little gift boxes in all colors and shades, even little jars and bottles of hot sauce that can bear your newly shared names.

Perhaps you want your guests to take away a favor they will use on a more regular basis. There are options for that, as well. Coffee mugs, wine glasses, steel water bottles, and travel cups all make good choices that find themselves being used again and again. There are also his and her gifts that could find daily use. Women might enjoy a personalized makeup bag, travel jewelry box or a tote bag. As for the guys in attendance, why not personalize handkerchiefs, shot glasses or ink pens? Most men enjoy a nice pen, as many need them for their work.

On a budget? You need not pass on favors because of that! There are many options that can be given with little cost. Even your napkins are a favor, if your names are added. How about ribbon with your names and wedding date printed on them? The ribbon can be used to tie up your small bags of birdseed or even snippets cut up as confetti and placed on tables. You would be surprised at the guests who would pick up a couple pieces on their way out.

The ideas are endless, the possibilities yours to explore. After all the other stress of planning, relax and enjoy your wedding favor shopping. It’s supposed to be fun, after all.

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